2020 Spring Quarterly Meeting

March 15, 2020 Subject: Spring Quarterly 2020 The last week has been a roller coaster for us all. This letter has transformed from what I felt was a going to be a great quarterly. To a “wait and see” letter, to a letter announcing that we are regretfully canceling our upcoming Quarterly meeting on April… Read more

Finding my Elk Purpose

There are many families that receive help from the financial assistance program at Children’s Hospital entitled Uncompensated Care.  My family was one of them.  As a mother of a nine-year-old who was rushed to Children’s with juvenile diabetes, I was overwhelmed first with the disease, the educational programs offered by the hospital, medications, and the… Read more

Grand Exalted Ruler Membership Plea

We’re All In Washington! Now is the time to make that extra effort, to make that phone call or email and make contact with those on your candidate list and get them initiated into your lodge.  Kick-start your officers, help your membership committees, stand up for Elkdom and connect with your candidates Direct from our… Read more

What we do Matters!

A recent life experience coinciding with our winter 2020 Elks convention in SeaTac Washington, by Elks member Ben Braden: Stepping aboard the 261’ National Science Foundation Icebreaker Sikuliaq I can’t help but imagine the rugged territory it’s sailed near, the waves it’s surmounted and the feet of ice it’s broken through on its journeys.  This… Read more

Seattle Elks and Children’s Hospital

I have worked for Seattle Children’s Research for more than nine years, and I am proud to support them in any capacity that I can. The important work that Children’s does in all facets cannot be understated, and Children’s cannot work without the support of people and other groups like the Elks. One of the… Read more