Create Your Lodge Video!

Are you ready for your close up? Make your lodge a star with a promotional video made at this year’s Summer Convention! Bring your ideas to the Media Room at the Summer Convention, and sit down with our media professionals who will help you create a promotional video highlighting the great things you do at… Read more

Summer Convention 2021

Information Packet and Registration Form (PDF)   It is with great pleasure as well as an abundance of caution that we can begin to accept registrations for the Annual Summer Convention. Please, as you are reading through this letter and the registration form, read everything twice. With COVID-19 still looming, all the plans we are… Read more

Walla Walla Lodge Breaks Ground!

A special Thanks and Shout out to our Elk dignitaries that joined us in making history here in Walla Walla for the Walla Walla Elks Lodge #287. From the Union Bulletin A groundbreaking on Saturday will mark another chapter in the long history of a local institution. Walla Walla’s Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks… Read more

Advertising Co-Pay Increase!

  Increased Reimbursement for Advertising Now $500! The State Executive Board has authorized an increase on the 50% Advertising Co-Pay reimbursement program from $150 to $500!  Previously if you spent $300 or more on an ad you could get $150 back, now if you spend more than $300 you can get ½ that back up… Read more


Meet Eli!!! Eli is an amazing 6-year-old boy with a very rare genetic condition, TUBA1A – associated tubulinopathy, which causes changes to the brain. Many children with TUBA1A have developmental delay, tight muscles (spasticity) and/or reduced muscle tone (hypotonia) and eye problems. Feeding difficulties are also associated with this condition. But that does not stop… Read more


This is Makenna, a happy 3 year old girl. When Makenna was a baby, she never put anything in her mouth, not her fingers, not her toys. This made things a bit easier on us as we didn’t have to worry about surrounding her with clean toys that were okay to be chewed on. The… Read more


Maddie is my 6-year-old daughter. She has been seen by her Elks therapist for the past three years to help with her delays related to her Rett syndrome and Crohn’s disease. Rett syndrome is a rare postnatal neurological disorder. It occurs primarily in girls and is more rare in boys. She has loss of speech,… Read more