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Happy New Year Washington Elks!

Our New Year is upon us  and we can’t think of a better time to build upon the good deeds our lodges have done over the years while helping create that all important pride in their members that is the backbone of membership involvement, community awareness and new member influx.  Many of you have seen or know about the Grand Lodge campaign Change your Sign, Change your Image – your Washington State Elks Association has bought into the idea so fully that each and every one of the Washington State Elks Lodges will be receiving a Banner, their very own 5′ x 3′ exterior banner, proclaiming their lodges charitable giving to their members and community in real terms that everyone can understand and take pride in.

A Gift for You!

Lodges will be given their banner at the conclusion of the Washington State Elks Association winter convention going on this week and weekend at the Double Tree hotel in SeaTac, Washington.  Each lodges banner proudly displays their lodge name and number over the Elks oval logo, the Washington State Elks Association logo and their lodges charitable giving number as reported by each  lodge to Grand Lodge.

Each lodges donation number comes directly from their yearly charitable reports to Grand Lodge and extrapolated over the years since their lodges inception.  As you know, these numbers only represent a small percentage of the actual charitable giving each lodge has done over the years – much of what we do goes unreported.

These are A-mazing numbers, none-the-less, and something each lodge and each member in our state should be proud of and proud to share with their members and their community with this gift, this small token of appreciation from the Washington State Elks Association.

Banners were funded through a proposal by the Washington State Elks Association Public Relations Committee, chaired by Sandi Frankie, with working member Ben Braden, and unanimously approved by the Washington State Elks Association Executive Board when proposed at the 2018 Fall Quarterly meeting with funding allocated through the regular yearly budget by our Washington State Elks Association Financial Trustees.  We love our lodges and hope to see these banners proudly displayed all around the state and online through each lodges online presence and social media outlets.

Thank you for all you do Washington Elks Lodges,
Sandi Frankie
Washington State Elks Association Public Relations Committee Chair
The Entire Washington State Elks Association Executive Board, Financial Trustees & working members.

Lodge Giving Back Banners

Please find your lodges banner, save it, share it, enjoy it, use it for what helps your lodge build the pride in membership we all need.  Right click on your banner, open link in a new tab, right click on the image in the new tab and save it where you want.