Virtual manual saves time, paper

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By RICK GATHEN, Membership and Marketing Manager

The Bricks & Clicks transformation continues with the introduction of the new Grand Lodge Membership & Marketing “Virtual” Manual. It is accessible 24/7 to all Members registered on

No more book-form or PDF manual. No more limited access just to Lodge Secretaries. It offers continuous and collective learning opportunities which will help deepen our Members’ understanding of their roles and responsibilities. It features dynamic pages with easy to find and easy to use applications. The intuitive navigation options are user-friendly and visually attractive.

The Bricks & Clicks applications are ready to help transform your Lodge. The content will enhance your expertise in Membership & Marketing. Use it to build your Lodge’s brand to attract new Members, retain current Members, and motivate your membership to be more active and engaged.

This is all part of the “Grow by Change” strategy we have implemented nationwide.

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