Video Joins our Advertising

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Beginning in less than a month three of our signs at the rest stops along Washington freeways will be updated with VIDEO!!!..

The videos will be changed regularly and are all promoting the BPOE of Washington State and shows all of our charities. They will be located Westbound on I-90 at Indian Johns, Southbound I-5 at Toutle and Bow Hill on I-5 north of Seattle. Each of these rest stops had an average of 1.9 million visitors in 2010. Now with the addition of video, in 2018 the people who actually stay and watch a short video about Elkdom should increase our visibility dramatically. Stay tuned for updates!!

2 thoughts on “Video Joins our Advertising

  1. This is great!
    It can only help increase our membership and heighten awareness of the good works we do.
    Great job Public Relations Committee!

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