| Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

This is the story of Vaughn as written by his Mom:

December 2015 we were given an even better gift we could have ever imagined. About 12 hours after the birth of our first born we were told that he could possibly have Down Syndrome. We were shocked, scared and feared for his future, but all that quickly faded as we began to watch our beautiful son with Down Syndrome grow and develop. He has done above and beyond all that we were told possible by nurses and doctors. He has proved so many wrong with his ability to prove that this “disability” will not hold him back. Vaughn started therapy at 3 months old and it didn’t take him long to start crushing those goals. He held his head up by 4 months, He could sit assisted at 6 months; unassisted at 8. He army crawled at 9 months and took his first steps at 14 months. He was walking at 18 months which was a HUGE blessing, because that’s when his younger brother was born. We have a wonderful faithful Occupational Therapist that has invested so much time into our family. She has taught Vaughn so many things all while instructing me as his mom on how to continue his therapy throughout the week. We work on everything; fine motor, gross motor, language, and cognitive development. Our OT gives us wonderful activities to strengthen his ability in each category. Now, Vaughn is almost 2 and a half years old. He loves to play ball, run and chase our dog, he gives his 10 month old little brother kisses and high fives. He is quite the little gentleman constantly helping me with his younger brother by retrieving items I need or trying to sooth his crying brother with spontaneous kisses. He even opens and closes doors for me! He has a tender heart and brings joy to all those that meet him with his hilarious and fun loving personality. Vaughn is constantly proving to me that I had nothing to fear those first few days. We were blessed with the most amazing first born son imaginable. Thank You to all the Elks and their friends who make the Therapy Program possible for Vaughn and so many other kids like Vaughn.

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