| Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

I would like for you to meet Travis!!

Travis is a very warm, witty, and insightful 9-year-old who will be 10 in almost 3 months. He loves camping, going to the beach, all kinds of animals (especially dinosaurs!), Pokémon, video games, and staying organized. He was diagnosed with Autism at age 2 and has some ongoing challenges common to individuals with that diagnosis. One area of challenge for Travis is sensory processing, which means that he can have difficulties interpreting and responding to information coming in through his senses. Certain types of environments can be overwhelming to his nervous system. He also can have difficulty communicating what he needs and understanding what others are trying to communicate to him.

Travis also has a “superpower” of being able to learn lots and lots of stuff around things that he’s passionate about, like holograms, cracking open geodes, and helping endangered species.
His Elks Occupational Therapist has helped him use his strengths to take some big leaps forward, especially in terms of being more independent with daily self-care tasks and being able to have more fun with his younger siblings.

Some of the fun projects Travis and his Elks Occupational Therapist have done together include putting a time capsule in the earth to help future generations learn how to fight COVID-19, discovering things with science experiments, planting edible flower seeds in the garden, and learning how to play the ukulele. These fun projects have been an important piece of the therapeutic process, offering practical catalysts for the development of crucial life skills.

Travis and his family would like the Washington Elks to know how grateful they are that their donations have made all of this possible.

Washington State Elks Association