Thank you, Children’s Hospital, for all you do!

| Elks for Children’s Hospital

This is how Seattle Children’s Hospital personally has helped my family. When my youngest grandson was about a year and a half old, my son and daughter-in-law noticed he was shaking when he was standing. They took him to numerous doctors and then got an appointment with Seattle Children’s Hospital, where they found he had two tumors in his head. One was operable, and the other one was not. They operated on the first one for nine hours and almost lost him. But because of their tenacity and knowledge, they were able to save him. Then in December, when he was he was three, Seattle Children’s Hospital started chemo once a week for a year to shrink the tumor. He is now a happy four-year-old, and the tumor is stable. I will be forever grateful for Seattle Children’s Hospital, because without them, he would not be here with us.

Melissa Huddleston, Lodge Esquire

Washington State Elks Association