| Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

Thane is a seven year old boy. He will be starting second grade in the fall. Thane was referred to Elks Therapy because he has texture related food aversions which means Thane would gag or vomit when eating certain food textures. This began when Thane was around three years old. Over time, he had severely limited the number of foods he would eat. He had begun to have health complications due to the fact that he had such a limited repertoire of preferred foods. His health problems included being overweight, having severe constipation, vitamin deficiencies, and high cholesterol.

Over the past year that Thane has been getting Elks Therapy, he has made some great progress! He eats vegetables regularly now, has lost weight, and has grown at least 6 inches. Through Elks Therapy, his list of preferred foods has expanded, and he is willing to try new foods on a regular basis. Before Elks therapy, he refused to eat school lunches because of his texture sensitivities, so his mother had to pack sack lunches of his preferred food. Thane has made such great progress through therapy that since January until the end of this school year, he has eaten school lunch.

Thane continues to work on his texture related food aversions. While he is much better with single foods, he struggles with mixed foods such as casseroles, stir-fry meals, soups, and sandwiches which his family eats on a regular basis. The Elks Therapy program is unique because it is home based therapy. Having therapy at home has been extremely beneficial to Thane and his family because the Elks therapist works at his home, in his kitchen, with his family and food. Thane and his family say, “Thank You, Washington Elks!”

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