| Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

Almost 2 years ago, Skylar was featured in “Our Kids”.   The past year has held so many changes—we thought an update was due!

Skylar is now almost 8 years old—and is flexing his independence AND his muscles!  Skylar continues to have many medical appointments, and is still very, very, susceptible to illness.  His list of medical needs is very long, and he has not been able to attend school.

His insurance will not cover therapies—so his Elks Therapy has continued to be critical to his development.   Skylar remains “undiagnosed”, meaning there is no known cause for all of his delays, which also means there is no “road map” for planning his care, or knowing what his longer-term needs or goals may be.  His medical team has now discovered that he has both seizures as well as sleep apnea, but as those are now being treated, Skylar is growing and thriving!  He has grown several inches and put on a lot of needed weight over the past year. He continues to outgrow his medical equipment both in size and skill just about as quickly as it can be ordered for him, so sometimes the creativity of his Elks therapist is needed to adapt regular objects & equipment for him, and keep pace with his needs.  He loves his “off the shelf” swing to provide great movement experiences, as well as a safe place to rest or practice sitting balance.

Skylar is really into standing these days, but no longer wants to use a walker or standing device, so his therapist and family have been working on safe standing skills and working really hard with balance and strength.  Even though standing, once you have the strength, seems simple, –there are so many other parts to work on – balance, keeping your head up so you can see around you, strong hands to hold on when needed, and of course, good reactions to catch yourself if you fall!  His Elks therapist is helping his family with fun activities to build each of these skills.

Skylar and his family enjoy finding ways to just let him be regular 8-year-old—loving superheroes, skateboarding, and his dog, and his weekly therapy has helped him learn skills that helps him do all these things!


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