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My Lodge needs help

What kind of help? Who do we ask to help us? Where do we turn for help?

Many of our lodges are at a turning point in their history, we can see that that our lodge needs help, but often we don’t know how to go about getting that help to infuse our lodge with new energy and ideas.

Does your lodge have a hard time getting officers, or committee chairs? Maybe you just keep recycling the same people around the positions year after year? Ask for help.
What is crystal clear for the Elks lodges to succeed is having fun with each other – that never changes.

Encourage newer members to try out something different than you normally do, get them in charge of it and help build that pride of membership that will have them hooked for years. The key is to create some newness in your lodge. One new event, a new window, a new deck or using an area of the lodge in a new fun way could easily be the spark that creates some amazing things for your members.

Our state Program Advocates come to your lodge once a quarter, did you know you could ask for help building your officer corps, finding great candidates for committee positions, putting on membership drives or even upgrading the look and function of your lodge?

The image of your lodge, both inside and out, is paramount to its success. Could it be some new paint or wallpaper? Maybe a new deck or windows? Creating that new or different feel can go a long way and we can help. Do you need graphics or posters? Maybe it’s time for an official lodge logo to help create your strong lodge identity. Maybe you need help with your online presence to create a vibrant and active image to your members and community. Maybe you want to make your lodge hall more impressive, heck, you have all your meetings here, not in the social quarters, they should look impressive right? These are all types of things we can help you with if you ask.

Please don’t get hung up on the little things. If we keep our eyes on the big picture, focus on having fun with each other and create active and vibrant lodges we can’t help but succeed.

Don’t forget, we are a family. We love and laugh with our brothers and sisters and well, we have disagreements too – don’t let those disagreements break our family apart. Families are passionate and they share that passion both in good and bad. They aren’t controlling, they are encouraging. They guide not command. They grow and they change. We each walk the same path with different eyes, and even though it’s been done before, we each must solve anew the problems for ourselves. Encourage success in the solutions even if you have failed before – a new energy, a new viewpoint could be that spark for success.


Washington State Elks Association