| Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

Allow me to introduce Phoebe. She was born in June 2009 after a long, slow birth at home. Twelve hours after she was born, her parents noticed that she was turning blue. They rushed her to the hospital, where CPR was administered. She was then transferred to a larger regional hospital where they began a cooling protocol, to minimize damage and prevent further brain injury.

During all this, Phoebe’s brain did not get enough oxygen, resulting in damage called cerebral palsy. This affects her balance and coordination.

Until Phoebe was two years old, she had had state insurance and had been receiving therapy at her local hospital. This ended when she was no longer eligible for the insurance, because her family made just over the maximum allowed for eligibility. This is when she began receiving Elks Therapy.

Phoebe would fall frequently and was unable to catch herself, resulting in many injuries to her head and face. This was one of her mom’s primary concerns.

During therapy, Phoebe has learned many things. She can now catch herself with her hands when she does fall. She can bend down and pick up a toy without falling, and she has also learned to be independent in feeding. Currently, Phoebe is learning to dress and undress herself, which will be a big help to her family.

Phoebe enjoys playing with her brother and sisters. Her family is grateful to the Elks members for the generous gift of Elks therapy and that she is one of “Our Kids”.

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