| Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

Hello everyone, I would like you to meet Persephone!

Persephone is now almost 6 years old and has Acute Motor Sensory Axonal Neuropathy with Encephalophy. When she became ill she lost the ability to move and communicate with the outside world, using her eye movement has been her only means of communication to simple yes and no questions.

We are now three years into this journey and thanks to our Elks Therapist; Persephone is making amazing strides at getting better. She now has a specialized communication computer called a Tobii Dynavox. With this system, she will be able to use her eye gaze to communicate with us and tell us her needs and wants beyond a simple yes or no. Persephone has started Kindergarten and is adjusting well to being around the other kids. We are extremely excited for what the future holds for her. She even attends water therapy where she is able to move some of her muscles as gravity is eliminated when she is in the water.

Our Elks Therapist has worked wonders for getting Persephone’s nerves talking again. She has guided us on everything from the best positioning techniques and their uses, to specialized equipment that makes day-to-day life a little less challenging. One of the greatest gifts we have received from our Elks Therapist is our participation in each session with Persephone. Every time our Elks Therapist visits our home not only does Persephone receive her therapy, the family is also guided along every step of the way so we know what to do on the days between therapy sessions with “Our” Therapist. We believe this is priceless in her journey.

Thank you to the Elks and their Friends who make this
Program possible for kids like Persephone.

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