| Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

Fifteen-month-old Pedro had a very rough start in life. His mother’s diabetes was difficult to control and he was born by emergency c-section with problems ranging from kidney and heart failure to seizures. As these were treated and controlled over his early months, it was determined that Pedro had severe hearing loss and was slow to reach the expected developmental milestones, such as lifting his head and rolling over. The Elks Therapy Program was contacted and the local therapist started the home visits that he needed in his tiny rural community.

In April, Pedro was only able to sit supported on the sofa and bring toys to his mouth – but his family could see that he was interested in doing so much more. With his mother and sister working with the therapist and encouraging these activities each day at home, he is now crawling around his home on hands and knees, walking along furniture, and exploring toys with his hands and vision. His hand skills are especially important as he learns sign language while being evaluated for hearing aids and possibly a cochlear implant. His family is so grateful for the help given to Pedro by the Elks Therapy Program for Children at this crucial stage of his life!

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