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Washington State Elks Association Quarterly Newsletter

Request for activity information and pictures for the quarterly newsletter

Due Date: March 15th, 2018

It’s time once again to make a submission for our Washington State Elks Association Newsletter!

My name is Sandi Frankie for those that don’t know me; I am the Public Relations Chair for the Washington State Elks Association.  We are building a quarterly state newsletter to share with our entire state Elks membership and those Elks members visiting our great state.  The objective is simple – share the fun and charitable things we are doing around the great state of Washington.  The Newsletter will be posted online and additionally, in the near future, you will be given instructions by your State Program Advocate as to how to disseminate it to your membership – ALL of your members.

We want every addition of the Washington State Elks Association Newsletter to be everything it deserves to be.  Lots of photos, an article from all of the lodges…splash, bling, fun!  It should be a large tribute to the efforts you are all doing.  It should be something traveling Elks can pick up and see what fun things have happened and what fun things will be going on here while they are in our region.

This is a reminder to each and every one of you to turn in an article with a picture(s) of something about your Lodge showing Activity.  Please do not feel like you need to send a photo and article about a presentation like you would for the national Elks magazine.  We need your article to suggest activity and fun things happening at your lodge.  What great or amazing thing have you done or are going to do.  What the newsletter is NOT:  a copy of the calendar and the activity schedule. It is an article about YOUR LODGE!

The absolute drop dead deadline for submission is March 15th!!   Submissions do not need to be lengthy but please make sure they are timely, present your lodge in a fun and active manner and don’t forget the pictures!

PLEASE email your submissions to in .doc format along with your picture(s) in .jpg format – please try and keep picture size under 1mb

I am asking for your help to make this a splashy, informational and fun filled newsletter.  This newsletter was born out of necessity and excitement by getting the state webpage to become a working and active site for all.  I look forward to your help.  This project is of particular interest to our Grand Lodge advisor Roger True, our Past State President Bim Lindsey and our current President John Fowler and should therefore be considered as particular interest to you.  Participation and how it is to be disseminated will be explained to you by your State Program Advocate(s) in the near future.

Click here for the previous addition of the WSEA Newsletter

I am very excited about this project and I thank you ahead of time for you submissions,

Sandi Frankie
Washington State Public Relations Chair
Exalted Ruler, Tacoma Lodge #174

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