New Ritual Competition Scoring!

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From our Ritual Committee

Beginning with the 2019/20 Ritual Cycle the following changes will take place:

Ritual FOG points will be awarded based on the following criteria:

What’s FOG you say?  Look here for information on the Yearly Frank O. Garland award.

  • Subordinate Lodge Team walks on contest floor: Three (3) points.
  • Each “Elected, Appointed and Installed Officer” that gives his/her part from memory* earns (one) point for the team score. Seven (7) officers plus 3 (three) points equals ten (10), the historical amount for the FOG award. If the entire team is from the subordinate Lodge, an additional five (5) points are added, totaling fifteen (15) points.
    • * Memory being defined as getting a score of 50% or better on their word accuracy score.
    • If the officer reads their part, no additional point is awarded.
    • The contest winner for each part (in each region) must still do their part from memory, allowing individuals to be covered in glory even if their Lodge does not compete.
    • The teams going forward to the State competition must have all performing members (excepting Candidate) from their own Lodge.
  • In the case of a vacant position, an Elected, Appointed and Installed Officer from a different Lodge can join a different team and earn a FOG point for their own Lodge.
    • Example: Shoreline Lodge has all officers wanting (willing/coerced) to compete except for their Inner Guard. The Inner Guard from Everett Lodge wants to compete but their Lodge does not. The Everett I.G. performs with Shoreline Lodge. Shoreline would receive nine (9) points- {6 Officer points, and 3 for showing up} and Everett Lodge would receive one (1) point for their Lodge.
  • The B contest would no longer occur. An entire team that reads their parts would now receive three (3) points for attending, but let’s be honest, as usually at least one person knows their part, which would increase the points received by the Lodge.
  • Within 4 weeks after the contest(s), the Ritual Chair would report the results to the State Sponsor for inclusion in the FOG awards.

I believe there are a number of Lodges who would take the opportunity to add to their FOG points and compete.

This will begin with *next* year’s contest cycle.

Lisa Carter
WSEA Ritual Chair 2018/19