| Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

Mimi is a very sweet, happy and active two and a half year old. She was born with Trisomy 21 (Downs Syndrome). She needed heart surgery shortly after birth and then was referred to the Elks Therapy Program for Children for home- based occupational therapy. The Elks Therapist goes to her home every week and in addition to providing direct therapy for her development, the therapist works with her family to address current concerns and provide home program activities that will help her throughout the week.

In therapy we have addressed many aspects of her development starting with building strength and balance to help her develop mobility beginning with rolling, crawling, walking and now jumping! Mimi has an amazing ability to throw and loves to play ball, especially with her dad. We also work on fine motor skills such as holding crayons for scribbling, stacking blocks, beading, and shape puzzles. We promote her imitation skills while scooping, pouring and stirring in various materials and also while playing with her dolls-brushing their hair and pretending to feed. In therapy we also address self help skills such as feeding, dressing and hygiene. Everyone in Mimi‘s world is dedicated to helping her develop her full potential!

Mimi’s parents both work and have insurance, but coverage for her is limited so they are very grateful for the Elks Therapy Program. This enables them to use their available insurance for speech therapy which she also needs.

Washington State Elks Association