| Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

In July 2001, Marcus was born prematurely by 10 weeks. Prior to birth he had a bleed on the left side of his brain that led to his cerebral palsy. His CP now affects his legs and right side especially and makes it hard for him to move and take care of many of his own needs. He’s had multiple surgeries and years of therapy. For the past 2+ years Marcus has shown a new desire to make progress. The Elks Therapist suggested he try intensive physical therapy in Portland. There he is seen 5 hours daily for 2-3 weeks/ 3-4 times a year and, between the intensive sessions, he’s seen weekly for PT. Wow, has Marcus benefited from this rigorous schedule of therapy that is provided in addition to the weekly therapy provided by the Elks.

Because Marcus was starting to work in a walker that actually supports his entire trunk, his mother thought a bicycle might be a helpful addition to his therapy regime. His parents then worked to fund a specialized trike/bike. Individuals and businesses in the community in which they live as well as a foundation in Portland provided much of the money. Mom asked if the Elks could contribute. The Gerry Fund provided more than $300 to complete the needed purchase amount for the Micah Special Needs Tricycle. The day parents heard Elks was part of the funding, you should have seen the excitement in their home. We are forever grateful to the members and friends of the Washington State Elks and the Gerry Calkins Fund for its generous donation. Without your help, Marcus would not have this bicycle which we know will be a bridge to his someday becoming a walker. Thank you all and Happy New Year!

Marcus says “Thanks to all the Elks of Washington for your generosity (top line). Thanks to the Elks for all you’ve done. Thanks Gerry Fund for helping me get this bike. You rock! (bottom line).”


The Gerry Calkins Equipment Fund was established several years ago in honor of former Program Chairman Gerry Calkins. This fund comes from donations from individuals or groups who specify that their donation is to be used to purchase equipment for a patient which is not normally provided by the program. These funds are usually requested by a therapist to satisfy a specific need of a child and the request requires the approval of the Therapy Supervisor. Due to available funding we cannot honor all requests, but with your help we can do much more!

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