| Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

When Makenna was 6 months old, her parents were told that her future was unclear.  Doctors told them she had a syndrome that affected parts of her brain, and that she was likely blind.  The part of her brain that was most affected controls coordination and balance.   With both of her parents being teachers, they immediately sought out early intervention services.  However, services through their local developmental center were inconsistent due to staffing shortage, and Elks Therapy was brought in to provide consistent home therapy during these early critical years of development.

Fast forward to today.   Makenna will turn 4 next month, and she is a bright, talkative child, who is now walking around her home without help!  She does have a vision impairment, but can see, and is attending preschool.  Her local school district does not currently have a therapist, so she remains with Elks Therapy services.  She has proven herself a very bright, independent girl!   Makenna continues to work on her balance, enjoying yoga with her therapist, as well as now learning to walk up and down steps and curbs and exploring her yard.  Makenna often has strong opinions about therapy activities, and the benefit of working in her own home, is that her therapist can adapt Makenna’s chosen activities to be beneficial to her overall development & motor goals.
Makenna is more comfortable and confident in the security of her own home, and the relationship built with her Elks Therapist makes even the most difficult challenges more do-able.

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