| Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

This is Makenna, a happy 3 year old girl. When Makenna was a baby, she never put anything in her mouth, not her fingers, not her toys. This made things a bit easier on us as we didn’t have to worry about surrounding her with clean toys that were okay to be chewed on. The relief of not having to worry about things going into her mouth changed when it came time for Makenna to start eating food. She was not interested in having food go into her mouth. Flying airplane spoons were never granted entry and when they made contact with her lips you could tell it was not appreciated. Makenna loved the social part of family meals, but was in no way interested in joining in the eating.

Makenna has been receiving Occupational Therapy feeding services from Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children for about a year now. She truly enjoys her therapy sessions with our Elks therapist. Makenna has transitioned from not letting anything in her mouth to happily eating her 4 accepted foods: peanut butter, cream cheese, baby cereal, and one puree flavor. Eating is a complex situation for Makenna. Our ultimate goal is for Makenna to accept and eat foods that provide her with the nutrition that she needs to grow and be healthy. Right now we are working towards expanding textures of purees, expanding flavors of purees, and learning how to chew.

We are so thankful that Makenna is being supported in her feeding journey. We have learned so much about all of the mechanical and psychological components of eating during therapy sessions. We are so thankful for receiving guidance on how to best support Makenna on here ating journey. Thank you so much for supporting Makenna!

Washington State Elks Association