Lola and Emilia

| Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

Meet Lola and Emilia. Born at only 26 weeks (14 weeks early), they have been fighters since the beginning. Due to their prematurity, both girls were born with significant immune compromise, and require at home therapy to help reduce exposure to illness. The girls had many needs early on, from learning to tolerate food on their hands and in their mouths (they began life with feeding tubes), to learning to move and play at an age appropriate level. Both girls were born with hearing impairments, as well as significant torticollis. This means the muscles of their neck were very tight on one side, causing their heads to tip and turn to one side. This made looking in all directions, playing on the floor, and even lying on their tummies very difficult.

The twins are surrounded by a large, loving family, including grandparents, aunts and a nanny. Each of their caregivers wants very much to help the girls learn new skills, and have participated in their weekly home therapy sessions. Working at home has not only allowed for all the family to participate, but it has also increased the comfort and confidence of the girls, who have been through so many medical appointments & procedures. The girls are just now turning 3 years old. Though the girls sometimes don’t like their stretches and activities required, their family has learned to turn it into playful, fun time, with the help of their Elks Therapist.

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