| Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

Meet Kian, who is a charming, energetic 4 year old. Kian was placed in foster care at a very young age, and was exposed to drugs and alcohol before he was born. This made him at very high risk for developmental and behavior delays, but at only 1 year old, he was not yet showing specific or strong areas of concern. His foster family, as well as his primary doctor knew though, that he needed to be closely monitored….but he did not qualify for community developmental services because he was not “delayed enough”. Luckily, his family was well aware of the WA Elks Therapy Program for Children, as they had many children over the years who had needed in home services. Our program was able to provide ongoing monitoring and provide in-home activity ideas for his family that would help him grow and develop.

Now, at age 4, Kian does have some specific delays and he receives weekly home occupational therapy to work on both behavioral and motor concerns.

Kian is very busy and impulsive, but is learning to slow down and focus for short periods of time. He is also improving his fine motor skills such as coloring, tracing and cutting. These are skills he will need as he looks forward to Kindergarten. Kian has now been adopted by his foster family, and they are grateful for the support of the Elks Therapy Program.

Washington State Elks Association