| Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

Kenzie recently turned 5 years old. She loves Moana, Frozen, and playing with Barbie dolls. She has an amazing memory and can tell you where everything is in her home and when she last played a specific game. Kenzie has a wonderful imagination and is a hard worker!

At 8 months old, Kenzie had a sudden onset of Idiopathic Transverse Myelitis, an inflammation around the spinal cord causing paralysis. Kenzie has made gains actively controlling her head, neck and some shoulder muscles. Elk’s therapists have been a part of her journey since shortly after she was diagnosed.

Kenzie has learned to paint using a paintbrush attached to a headband. She is also learning to drive her power wheelchair by moving her head. Kenzie is able to use eye-gaze software to do activities on a computer. During OT sessions Kenzie works to actively move her shoulder muscles while playing games and making crafts. Kenzie’s family members, nurses and therapist work to keep her body moving and her mind engaged.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak Kenzie has participated in teletherapy with her Elk’s OT. Kenzie’s very supportive family and in-home nurses have made it possible for therapy to continue, as they are the hands while the therapist is not physically present. Hopefully in-person therapy can safely resume soon, but until then, technology and teamwork help Kenzie continue to make progress.

Thank you to all of the Elk’s Lodges and members who make the Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children possible. “Our Kids” like Kenzie get much needed therapy services because of your generous support!

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