| Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

Katelyn is one tough 10 year old.  She and her family have overcome incredible obstacles to get to today’s smiles.  Katelyn was born with a genetic condition that affects her metabolism and energy levels, as well as her brain and her ability to move.  She has always been very medically fragile, susceptible to any tiny illness—2 years ago, a common cold virus sent her to the hospital for weeks.   Her family has fought hard for her, keeping her healthy, and seeking to enrich her life in every way possible.   Katelyn has seizures, and is very sensitive to her environment, sometimes just moving her legs or too much noise can trigger severe seizures. 

There have been long periods that school is impossible due to her health, or lack of nursing care.  Thus, home therapy has always been critical for her.  Katelyn and her family have worked to find activities that Katelyn enjoys and that are calming to her… and that bring these huge grins.  Her family is very active and want to include Katelyn in their adventures. The Elks therapist has been integral in supporting them getting adaptive outdoors equipment. Katelyn is able to participate with her family, without overstimulation, thanks to a very specialized jogging stroller for going outdoors.   

Another critical role that their Elks therapist plays, is helping to train her caregivers and in-home nurses in how to play, lift, and perform daily living tasks with Katelyn.  Sometimes, special adaptive equipment is needed for seating, bathing, and transferring her—all of which require a therapist’s letter to obtain.  Having the Elks therapist in-home, really helps, as she knows how the home is configured and what the “daily routine” is, so that training and equipment can be customized for Katelyn and her family’s needs. 

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