| Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

Kasper is one of “Our Kids”. He was born prematurely, 13 weeks early, and had respiratory distress and bleeding in his brain called a “hemorrhage”. He spent his first couple months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. He is now, chronologically, almost one year old. However, correcting for prematurity, he is 8 months old. Due to his medical fragility, Kasper has been sequestered at home, in order to reduce his exposure to germs. Therefore, his Elks Therapist sees him first thing in the morning to decrease the chance of germs being carried to him from other children.

Despite his difficult start in life, he has been meeting his developmental milestones. Initially, it appeared that he had escaped the consequences associated with the hemorrhage activity in his brain. However, more recently, it was noted that he was beginning to use his left hand a lot more than his right hand for reaching and grasping toys and he was keeping his right hand fisted more often.

His Elks Occupational Therapist has developed exercises and “play activities” that will promote awareness and more active use of his right upper extremity. His parents follow through with the exercises every day and we are seeing much improvement! He is using his right side much more often, even though it is more difficult for him to open his hand to grasp and release objects. He is also getting ready to crawl.

Kasper’s parents are grateful for the help they are getting for their son through the Elks Therapy Program. Many thanks to all the Elks members and friends for supporting the Elks Therapy Program.

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