| Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

Say “hello” to our little cutie, Jordan! Not only is he cute, but he has the heart of a champion! You see, Jordan was born at 23 weeks into his mother’s pregnancy. He weighed in at 12.3 ounces and was 9.8 inches long. Because his dad is active duty in the military, his early days were spent “across the pond” in Japan. When he was finally strong enough to fly back to the United States, he was flown on a big military plane with his very own medical team to support him during the long flight home! Jordan has had a complex medical journey and spent the majority of his first year in the hospital. He had countless medical procedures to address major issues with his lungs, heart, eyes, and ears. He also could not drink from a bottle for nutritional support; a skill he was unable to learn because of his prematurity. While it was very clear that Jordan would benefit from therapy to help him develop and learn new skills; it was also very clear that taking him out of the home to get that help would be challenging and unsafe. You see, Jordan had a very fragile immune system. He has a tracheostomy tube and was dependent on oxygen and a ventilator, and he had a G-tube in his tummy for nutrition and hydration. He began occupational therapy with the Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children when he was a year old. His therapist worked with him on basic skills like eating, sitting, rolling, getting on his hands and knees, and learning how to crawl. Each visit the therapist would work with his mom, and older brother Jason, to show them how to help Jordan work on new skills during the week until the next visit. Jordan is now two and a half. He is eating and drinking enough of his nutrition that he no longer needs to use the G-tube in his tummy. He is no longer dependent on oxygen and a ventilator and is beginning to vocalize using a special valve on his tracheostomy tube called a Passy-Muir valve. He is able to roll to either side, transition in and out of sitting, and is crawling everywhere! Jordan is now pulling to stand and starting to stand independently. He is learning how to use his hands to manipulate toys, to put objects in/out of containers, and to stack blocks. His parents are thrilled with the progress that he makes on a daily basis. They are certain that he would not be as far in his development without the support of his therapist and the ability to receive services in his home environment, away from outside germs. His personality takes over the room and after spending just five minutes with this little boy, you cannot help but fall in love with him and join the team that is cheering him on. GO! CUTIE! GO!

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