Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

We want to express our family’s appreciation for the Elks Therapy Program for Children . Our therapist has been working with J.J., who has Cerebral Palsy, for nearly three years . He was the first therapist on board and so has had the longest relationship with little J.J. of any service provider. He and J.J. quickly formed a close bond and their relationship is inspiring to witness. Our therapist is able to make therapy fun and J.J. is always happy to see him.

It has been so beneficial for therapy to be provided in our home particularly because J.J.’s mother battled cancer before and after he was born. She was understandably overwhelmed with finding resources for a child with special needs while at the same time dealing with her own cancer treatment and recovery. The Elks Therapy Program for Children made needed resources so much more available and easy to access, and all of this at no charge to us.

J.J.’s therapy is coordinated between our therapist and the High Risk Infant Clinic at the University of Washington as well as Seattle Children’s Hospital where J.J. will be undergoing a procedure soon called “Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy”. This procedure is best described as selected nerves in his lower spine are carefully identified and cut with the goal of helping J.J. walk without the use of equipment. Since J.J’s muscles are over responsive in his legs, decreasing some of the spasticity will greatly improve his ability to walk. After his surgery, J.J. will require therapy several days a week to relearn how to use his muscles and get stronger. After several months of hard work, we hope J.J. will be starting to walk on his own.

As a very special thanks, our local Elks lodge is fundraising to help J.J. succeed with this life changing spinal surgery by continuing to provide in-home therapy to J.J. as well as helping us raise funds to get J.J. additional outpatient therapy services. The generosity and commitment of the Elks membership to help our special little boy is overwhelming. We are so grateful for the Elk’s Children’s Therapy Program and your ongoing role in J.J.’s progress.

With your help J.J. will walk!!! Thank you Tall Elks!