| Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

Hezekiah is a dashing 4 year old! He is happy, funny and enthusiastic!
He is, in this writers opinion, a SUPERHERO! Hezekiah has come a very long way since he began receiving Occupational Therapy, at age two, from The Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children!

Just six months ago, Hezekiah was not able to follow verbal directions or sit and play with a toy for more than two minutes. When encouraged to sit down and focus on a fine motor task like stacking blocks or stringing beads, he would throw objects, run away or throw himself on the floor. Even with help, he would not participate in a simple obstacle course. Life was very challenging for Hezekiah and his parents because he was not able to play or interact with them in normal everyday activities. If Hezekiah needed to sit for a task, such as mealtime, he needed to sit in a booster seat with a lap belt. It was difficult to get him in and out of his car seat without him running away. Hezekiah’s parents wanted to be able to go to a store or an appointment without him running away or kicking and screaming.

Occupational Therapy sessions have focused on fine motor, gross motor, attention span, regulation of his sensory systems and normal everyday tasks. Mom has worked closely with the Elks Therapist to problem solve and work through many different strategies. Hezekiah has made great progress and is now able to focus and engage in the task at hand. He is now able to follow verbal directions from his parents. For example, he can independently get his shoes, downstairs, and put them on. He is also able to sit at a table and complete challenging tasks such as a lacing card, small jigsaw puzzle, cutting out a picture with scissors, coloring or writing the alphabet.

Now, his mother says Hezekiah is “coming alive” and “he has a desire to learn!” His family is able to enjoy a meal together or successfully make a trip to the store. Hezekiah is able to interact and play with his mom and dad, and is even beginning to learn how to play board games. The family and the Elks Therapist have become a team. The family considers the therapist part of the family, which is a huge honor. Hezekiah continues to grow and master new skills with the support of his family and his Occupational Therapist with The Washington Elk’s Therapy Program for Children. Thank you, Washington Elks, for supporting your State Major Project so that our Therapists can make a difference in the lives of “Our Kids”!!

Washington State Elks Association