Help the Survivors of Paradise, CA

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Upon learning of the loss of the Paradise Lodge and in fact, the entire town, Ocean Shores Exalted Ruler Nancy Oakes, with approval from President John Fry and WSEA, created a plan to collect clothing, non-perishable food, water, and other immediate need items for those people who lost their homes in the fire.

While the Grand Lodge did send $25,000 in disaster funds, that only amounts to $55 per member. There is a fund that has been set up at a bank and, yes, there is lots of money coming in—but that money will go very quickly. It will be needed for immediate housing, transportation, insurance and medical costs, and so many more of the basic necessities.

Here’s how you and your lodge can provide much-needed, additional help:

  1. All lodges consider collecting items on the list for donation.
  2. Select a lodge among perhaps 6–7 lodges located nearby that could serve as a collection site because they have enough storage room.
  3. Distribute the donation list to all members within your lodge.
  4. Stress to all members that the items collected need to be separated into boxes, i.e.; clothes for women, towels, sheets, children’s clothes, etc.; and deliver them to the designated drop lodge. I also suggest that you mark your boxes in a systematic manner and put the information on all four sides of the box.
  5. Collections should be done by November 30, with the goal for delivery no later than December 10. We will take the items to Chico, CA, which has room for items and a number of storage containers.
  6. I would ask that each lodge kick in a few dollars for a U-Haul rental truck for the delivery down south, and to provide a list of names of people who are willing to make the trip.
  7. The Chico lodge is approximately 650 miles from southern WA, a 10-hour trip.

Not only will this project help our fellow Elk members, it will help an entire town. There is such a huge need, I am hoping the benevolent spirit of the Elks will be the shining beacon of hope these people so desperately need.

Ocean Shores Exalted Ruler Nancy Oakes

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