| Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

Meet our daughter Hazel!

Hazel was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at five months old, after we found out she had had a stroke in utero. We’ve been working with Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children ever since. Hazel is now two years old and thriving. She is a happy, funny and determined little girl.

Since working with the Elks Therapy Program, Hazel’s abilities continue to build. She uses her “helper” hand often, she is starting to walk and she is learning to shape her sounds into words.

The biggest improvement has been in Hazels eating. While she loves food, she has always struggled to eat certain textures and often has kept hard or chewy foods in her mouth, not wanting to swallow. We’ve learned how to strengthen her tongue and work on her chewing skills to give us a much better eating experience for all involved.

We are so grateful for the Elks of Washington and the Elks Therapy Program.


Washington State Elks Association