| Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

The home-based nature of the Elks Therapy Program allows families to learn about their child in the environment that they are in the most (their home) and how to use the resources they already have at their disposal to help their child succeed.

Gena (top) plays with her sisters in a homemade sensory bin full of pinto beans. Gena likes to fully immerse herself in the beans.

Gena is a 3½ year old, who has very mild Cerebral Palsy, caused by a lack of oxygen. She began experiencing seizures just before she turned two. This seizure activity has been her most challenging issue so far, not the right-sided weakness from the Cerebral Palsy.

When Gena does have a seizure, they are frequently in excess of 15 minutes and require rescue medication and EMT transport to the hospital. Afterwards, Gena is not able to support or move her body the way she was able to before the seizure. Full recovery can take several days, up to a week.

Gena sports Froggy’s clothing, which she put on during a practice dressing session. Froggy and his clothes were generously made by Stella (Chet) Froeschle to compliment the book, Froggy Gets Dressed.

Home-based therapy has helped Gena’s family strategize how to help her after these episodes. Gena also needs help organizing her sensory system. When she is stressed, she demonstrates anxiety and she chews on inappropriate items such as her dad’s sunglasses. By providing Gena’s family with strategies and activities to help her throughout her day, Gena’s body is in a better state to respond favorably to interactions with other people in her family.

Gena looks forward to therapy each week, and her mom reports that she is more focused and sleeps better. Gena’s family is thankful to receive the gift of Elks Therapy Services.

Washington State Elks Association