| Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

Meet Enzo! Enzo is a spirited young fellow. He was born with Downs syndrome, a
genetic disorder, and heart defects that required surgery. He spent the first months of his life at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Secondary to his heart problem, he also has feeding issues and has needed a feeding tube. Enzo started crawling a few months ago and is now learning to come to stand at furniture.

Since the ‘Stay at Home’ order due to the coronavirus, Enzo is getting his therapy using FaceTime. Every week I check in with his mother to find out what is new and what her current concerns are. Facetime or Zoom allows me to see what the child is doing and where they need help. Enzo’s mom will be “my hands” as I coach her on how to help Enzo with the next step of his development. Even though it is not as good as being there in person it is great that we have this technology in order to reach “Our Kids” and their families.

Stephanie, Enzo’s mom, facilitates Enzo in coming to stand at the couch while I coach her and provide some encouragement. Enzo is building up his strength and endurance for standing. We are also working on promoting his balance reactions and fine motor skills.

Enzo is getting good at stacking donuts and putting things in a container. He also loves to throw! Enzo is learning to imitate hand gestures that accompany songs and rhythms. He likes to clap along with songs. He has recently begun to use his pointer finger to point out animals in a book and also to point to his nose and mouth.

Enzo’s family is very grateful for his ongoing therapy. They want to say, “Thank You!” to the Elks Lodges for their continued support of this program.

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