Elks Football Pick’em

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For all of us that are football fanatics, it’s almost that time of year again for: Kickoff Time!

The Pro Football season starts this year on Thursday, September 6th, and once again the Elks will be hosting our Pro Football Pick ‘Em contest on elks.org. To participate, simply logon at Elks.org and select the winners of each game this season. The system will track your results, post standings for individuals and lodges at the Local, District, State and National levels. It’s easy and fun to participate, and all the rules are online. Get started now:

Please copy and post the flyer (Linked here) at your Lodge and get some of our many Monday morning quarterbacks, armchair coaches, etc. to play. Let’s have a little friendly competition in the state Lodges. Results of best scores are reported on Tuesday the week after the game and does Lodge totals and individual totals. I was a pretty wicked winner in my fantasy league so I challenge all of you to (easily) beat me!! Let’s have some fun with it!

Sandi Frankie
Washington State Elks Association Public Relations Chair

The Rules from Elks.org

Who can play:

Any member in good standing with an Elks.org password may participate in the Elks.org Football Pick ’em Competition. There is no charge to participate. Please encourage members of your lodge to play by posting a copy of our free Football Pick ‘Em flyer.

How to Play:

To participate, pick the teams you think will win each game of the upcoming week. Selections may be made as far in advance as you like, up to one hour before the first game on Sunday. Once the first scheduled game on Sunday has come within 60 minutes of kickoff, your selections for the week – including Monday’s game – may not changed. Be sure to make selections for all upcoming games on the schedule. If a selection has not been chosen for a particular game, that game will automatically be recorded as incorrect.


Results are tabulated and updated several times per day on your Elks.org Pick ‘Em Dashboard. Correct selections (wins) are represented by a green checkmark and incorrect selections (losses) are represented by a red X.

Individual Leaderboard:

Check the individual leader board to compare your results with the results of other participating Elks. By default, results are displayed for the entire season to date, but can be filtered for each individual week. Members who have made selections for at least half of the games played will be given a rank. Individual results can be filtered by lodge, state, and district.

Lodge Leaderboard:

Check the lodge leader board to compare your lodge results to other participating lodges. By default, results are displayed for the entire season to date, but can be filtered for each individual week. To be given a “rank” in the standings, lodge members must have submitted a total number of selections greater than twice the number of games played to date. Lodge results can be filtered by lodge, state, and district.


Bragging rights only! There are no prizes associated with the elks.org Pro Football Pick ‘Em Competition.


Each Tueday of the season, an email will be distributed with the top performers on an individual and Lodge basis. This email will also serve as a reminder to visit Elks.org/football to make your picks for the upcoming week.


Questions can be sent via email to webmaster@elks.org.