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In this video, Ray Lozano speaks to 1,000’s of university students at Azusa Pacific University chapel in southern California in March, 2018. This presentation on the neurological, physiological and sociological implications of alcohol use, was delivered during the university’s focus on wellness. The fact that a faith-based university would tackle these tough topics is a testament to their commitment to whole health. The students were extremely engaged and a wonderful audience.

2 thoughts on “Drug Awareness Information

  1. Many of us were lucky enough to see Ray at Grand Convention in Reno last year. The ELKS Drug Awareness Program is something for you all to be proud of. We have an amazing team and to give you an idea of how much you as an ELK do for this program, the leader of the DEA in Washington D.C. asked if he could come and speak to us at the convention to personally thank the ELKS.
    Watch it and share it!

  2. How do we find speakers that are in the local Seattle area who are knowledgeable about these topics?

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