Coronavirus and the Washington Elks Therapy Program

| Announcements, Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

Currently everything that we do in our lives is in a state of change. Our travel habits, work and who we see during the day has changed dramatically. We talk on our phones and are using social media to work and communicate with family and friends. We are eagerly looking forward to our lives returning to normal.

Elks, typically, are extremely proud of their State Major Project, The Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children, Inc. Many Members may be wondering how the current conditions are effecting the important intervention our Therapists are providing to “Our Kids”. While no physical contact with children and families is occurring at this time, our therapists are diligently working to meet the needs of their clients and support their families during this unprecedented time. Therapists communicate with families about “Our Kids“ via phone, video or other communication methods. In some cases, our Therapists may be the only outside person these families have contact with. Our Therapists are focused on meeting the needs of each child/family while working to create programs families can use at home to support their child’s need and address established goals for Occupational Therapy. Since therapists are not driving to see children in their homes, it may seem that they are having a reduction in their work load. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Our Therapists are working harder than ever often spending many extra hours researching resources and information to support the therapeutic needs of each child.

All of our life styles have dramatically changed, bringing frustration and confusion into our homes. The families that have children being seen by our Therapists are no exception. When these children are exposed to the changing atmosphere in their homes it affects them. Unfortunately some of “Our Kids” may lose some of the skills that have been made through therapy, but we are hopeful that life will soon return to normal for them.

I have been extremely proud of the Washington Elks Therapy Program since I was initiated as an Elk. Our Program has been growing and doing exceptional work for 65 Years. Today we can see how the Program has adapted over the years and how our Therapists can be flexible to changing conditions with little notice. The work our Therapists are doing today is more important than ever in helping these families.

Thank you for your support.


God Bless and Stay Healthy,

Lee Frankie

Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children, Inc. Program Chairman

Washington State Elks Association