Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

Look out world, here comes Charlie!

Charlie recently had his 18th birthday and is eagerly anticipating graduation this June. He has plans to attend college in the fall and is interested in computer technology. Charlie has been one of the faces of “Our Kids” for many years. You may have seen him featured in promotional videos and brochures. He has received in-home therapy for most of his life at varied frequencies. He was born with Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy is caused by abnormal development of the brain or damage to the developing brain that affects a child’s ability to control their muscles. Over the years, Charlie’s goals and focus of therapies have changed with his varied needs. Early on, working on his motor and developmental skills was critical. Now, Charlie is looking to the future.

Adaptations and independence have become his priority. We are working on independent wireless control of his home, such as opening and locking his front door from a cell phone, to improving his mobility with a travel wheelchair so he can hang out with friends easily. Many of the goals and adaptations Charlie needs require unique and unconventional problem-solving. Having a long-term relationship with his therapist who has been in his home and able to truly see his daily needs makes achieving these goals realistic. Thanks to the Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children, Charlie has a much brighter and more independent future ahead of him.