| Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

Beverly is one of “OUR KIDS”, receiving the gift of occupational therapy services made possible with the generous donations to the Therapy program! She was born prematurely, at 34 weeks’ gestation, weighing 2 pounds 5 ounces. She has been diagnosed with Q13 deletion and low muscle tone, among other diagnoses of which she is being followed by various physicians at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. She also receives early intervention services at Holly Ridge Center. Intervention services through the WA Elks Therapy Program began in December 2018, just after Beverly turned 1 year old. Now she is excited about celebrating her 3rd birthday in November!

Occupational therapy has focused on progressing Beverly’s gross motor, fine motor, and play skills. Beverly’s parents and extended family members have been instrumental with her success by following through with therapy recommendations and strategies to encourage her development. Working as a team, both her occupational therapist and family decide the “just right” challenge to encourage progress towards therapy goals without her feeling overwhelmed or discouraged.

Beverly has struggled with moving her body through space due to a combination of having low muscle tone and motor planning difficulties. Occupational therapy has focused on preventing and redirecting compensatory movement patterns while developing muscle strength and control, as well as improved body awareness and motor planning skills for acquisition of quality based developmental skills as she grows and matures.

Since starting occupational therapy, Beverly developed gross motor skills including learning how to transition in and out of sitting, crawl on hands and knees, pull to stand, cruise along furniture, and climb up and down furniture safely. She initially learned to walk using a walker that her physical therapist provided but, is now able to walk independently on her own. She loves chasing after her two dogs, Nina and Bucket!

To assist with the acquisition of both gross and fine motor skills, Beverly has been wearing Bamboo braces, on and off during the day, on each elbow as a rehabilitation tool. The braces assist in gaining strength and control of key musculature that are critical to development of these skills. Beverly now insists on being independent and enjoys her books while turning pages and pointing to pictures. She also loves to eat her favorite foods all by herself. She is beginning to feed herself with a spoon, place shapes in a shape sorter, and stack objects during play.

Beverly has made amazing gains with her development and continues to reach for her full potential. Her mother stated “Sometimes I forget how much she’s grown up …Thank you for all your help. Without you, she wouldn’t have a story to tell.”

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