| Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

Ashlynne is a little girl with a genetic syndrome called “Mosaic Chromosome 14”. She spent her first month of life at Seattle Childrens Hospital, and has problems in the cardiac, orthopedic, craniofacial, and developmental areas. The local developmental center was not able to immediately provide the in-home occupational therapy visits she needed, so her Public Health Nurse made a referral to the Elks Therapy Program for Children. Ashlynne has participated in this program for the past 15 months and has made tremendous progress into sitting up, pulling to stand, and using her hands to play with toys and support herself. Her health insurance coverage of therapy sessions ran low late last year – and visits with her feeding therapist and physical therapist had to be carefully spaced out and limited, as a result. However, her weekly occupational therapy program was able to continue uninterrupted because your program is not billed to insurance. Her family is grateful to the Elks Therapy Program and all the lodges for this “gift” of learning how to help Ashlynne enjoy moving and playing and delighting in being a spirited 20-month-old!

Washington State Elks Association