| Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

A real “plus” for the Elks Therapy Program sessions being held in the home is showing parents how to use everyday household items as therapy “tools” to help their children.

Two-year-old Angelito has mild cerebral palsy from being born three months prematurely. A plastic tote is just the right size for him to pull up on or lean on while pivoting from the sofa and standing while playing with toys. He is making real progress in learning to stand and walk on his own!

Sixteen-month-old Elyjah has a rare chromosomal disorder that causes low muscle tone and vision problems. He is learning to sit up by himself and play with toys while his arms are supported on a lap tray that is ordinarily used in bed.

Parents are often surprised to find that expensive equipment and toys are not always needed for children to have fun and make progress in their development. Thanks to all the Elks Lodges for supporting this unique and appreciated therapy program for children!



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