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I would like to introduce you to Miss Aiva!

Aiva is three years old. She loves playing with her toys, watching cartoons, and getting her nails painted. Aiva has a genetic condition, known as Congenital Myasthenia. This condition causes a disruption in the communication between her nerves and her muscles. As a result, Aiva’s muscles are very weak, and she fatigues easily.

But, this won’t stop Aiva from making her mark in the world. Thanks to “assistive” technology, Aiva is able to use her arms and hands to activate buttons and switches, to make her toys go and
stop. In the photo below, you can see Aiva working hard at the control switch of her new favorite toy, a magnetic board with colorful moving gears. Aiva also enjoys playing music and other games on her touch screen computer pad. And, for some “low-tech” kind of fun… we finger paint! Aiva’s parents are very creative, and are always thinking of new ways to adapt activities so that Aiva can participate.

Aiva received home-based therapy services from her local developmental center until she was three years old. When Aiva turned three, those services ended. As part of her transition plan, Aiva’s therapists referred her to the Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children, to ensure that Aiva could continue receiving the in-home therapy that she needed. It would be very difficult for Aiva to travel to a clinic every week for therapy. The Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children is a wonderful solution, for Aiva’s family and others like them.

Thank you to the generous members of the Washington State Elks Association!

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