Advertising Co-Pay Increase!

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Increased Reimbursement for Advertising

Now $500!

The State Executive Board has authorized an increase on the 50% Advertising Co-Pay reimbursement program from $150 to $500!  Previously if you spent $300 or more on an ad you could get $150 back, now if you spend more than $300 you can get ½ that back up to $500 in reimbursement! Spend $1000, get $500 back!  The offer is good as long as the budgeted funds hold out, currently there is $4,353 available to help you promote your lodge and come out of this pandemic shining.

Our state association believes that marketing our lodges to the general public in the community the lodge resides in by the lodge itself has a direct relationship to increases in lodge membership participation and overall membership levels.  A lodge that successfully markets their lodge, gets their message out about the fun and charitable things they are doing and how people can join our order will have the best chance of success.

Also, don’t forget if you are spending money on marketing to increase membership we are offering each lodge, in addition to the traditional 50% co-pay reimbursement mentioned above, a onetime per year reimbursement of up to $300 for advertising a qualifying membership drive.   If you spend $300, you get $300.  If you spend $220, you get $220.  If you spend $600 you get $300.

Lodges applying for a reimbursement co-pay for advertising shall email a copy of the actual billing statement and a copy of the ad and/or verbiage to the appropriate Washington State Elks Association Co-Pay Coordinator.  PDF & JPG file formats are preferred.

Membership Drives will provide an attendance breakdown & number of membership applications acquired to their respective Co-Pay Coordinator for analytics purposes.

Lodge First, Member First – everything else succeeds after that.

Do not miss out on this opportunity to offset the cost of promoting the greatest thing we have – our events, our members and our lodges.

Click here to download the Program information file

All inquiries to: Benjamin Braden, WSEA Advertising Co-Pay Coordinator


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