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NEW THIS YEAR! Your State Association supports your lodge’s membership growth with funds strategically directed towards membership drives at the lodge level.

As an addition to our standard 50% advertising co-pay program our Washington State Elks Association Executive board supported and funded our Co-Pay Program for 100% reimbursement towards membership drive advertising. This is $10,800 towards funding the advertising of membership drives at the lodges in our state.

Each Lodge has a one time up to $300 reimbursement amount for advertising a qualifying membership drive. If they pay $263 for an add they get $263. If they pay $300 or any number more than that they get $300. This is a one time per lodge per elks year amount. A lodge can choose

what they want to do for advertising but it would benefit them to double their advertising with these funds or offset the cost of advertising and put that money towards the event. Their call.

In short, the 100% membership drive reimbursement needs just a copy of the ad invoice, a copy of the ad and some numbers on attendance at the event and number of new member applications acquired because of the event – simple stuff and your program coordinators stand ready to help and say yes.

Currently our 50% reimbursement program has used 44% of their yearly budget, and this by only 7 of our states lodges applying for reimbursement. If you are advertising your lodge please apply for reimbursement.  If you are not advertising your lodge please consider it, if you need ideas don’t hesitate to contact your district co-pay coordinator for help with ideas – we’ve seen some great ones this year.

Thank you for your help on this – Lodge first – membership first!

Do not miss out on this opportunity to offset the cost of promoting the greatest thing we have – our events, our members and our lodges.

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