Keeping members engaged during Covid-19

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As the Covid-19 closure extends and we miss our Elk brothers and sisters we have been forced to get creative with social distancing and seeing each other so Jenny Steele, Everett’s Lecturing Knight, started a weekly online Trivia game.

Through ZOOM, members are able to log in and participate in trivia!

“We have had so much fun each week. Last week was an 80’s themed trivia night and everyone dressed the part,” says Jocelyn Sievers-Bailey 479’s Exalted Ruler.  “Winners even receive “gifts” in the mail for winning.

It is so important to stay connected during this time and the weekly trivia game is a huge moral booster and a lot of fun.  We have also had online ZOOM social events and continue to reach out to the community.

I am so proud of our team who called all of our members 60 years or older to do a check-in.  Making connections and meeting requests as easy as “I need groceries” or “could you pray for me” were well received. I am proud of Everett 479 and the proactive approach to staying a positive, active fraternal organization during these challenging times. We truly are BETTER TOGETHER!”

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