Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children: Resources

Any Elks Member or Elks Lodge may download and print the resources below. If you are unable to print any materials, or if you would like pins, stickers, or coinboxes, you may request them from the State Office.

Download/Print Yourself

  • Brochure: General Information (Sample image coming soon) – PDF
  • Brochure: Donor Levels (Sample image) – PDF
  • Brochure: Wills (Sample image) – PDF
  • Donation Worksheet (Sample image) – PDF or Excel
  • Placemat: General Information (Sample image) – PDF or Publisher
  • Placemat: Custom Fundraiser (Sample image) – PDF or Publisher
  • Poster: 11″ x 17″ (Sample image) – PDF
  • Supply Order Form (Sample image) – PDF or Excel
  • Table Tent Card: “Our Kids” Photos (Sample image) – PDF or Publisher
  • Table Tent Card: QR Code (Sample image) – PDF or Publisher
  • Trustee/Lodge Chairman Training Manual (Sample image) – PDF
  • Variety of “Our Kids” Articles (Sample image) – PDF

Mailed from the State Office

The State Office can mail the resources below to you at no cost.

State Major Project Resource Request

Other Resources

Large Coinboxes (image)

Personal and Mailing Information

Mailing address
Mailing address


Can’t find what you’re looking for? It might be among our other WSEA resources.