Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

Since 1954, the Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children has provided home-based occupational or physical therapy to children with developmental delays or physical disabilities. Services are provided at no cost to the family served.

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Our Kids


June 2013

Having a grandfather that has held multiple offices in the California Elks (state and local levels) led to a referral to your WA Elks Therapy Program for Children. He was aware of the therapy program, as their state and Hawaii provide similar therapy services to the children of CA and HI. His request included the... Read more


September 2015

Kimberley has grown to be an energetic, friendly, social teenager. She will be entering 7th grade in the fall. She has received OT from the Washington Elks Program since she was 3 years old. Kimberley was born 3 months premature and had many neonatal complications, resulting in Cerebral Palsy with spastic quadriplegia. Her therapy has... Read more


April 2013

Meet McKinley. She is one of OUR KIDS. She is so full of life and joy it’s my privilege to go each week to her home and make sure she meets her developmental milestones. You see, McKinley was the first born of dizygotic twins at 33 week gestation. Her twin brother is doing fine. McKinley... Read more