Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

Since 1954, the Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children has provided home-based occupational or physical therapy to children with developmental delays or physical disabilities. Services are provided at no cost to the family served.

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8 a.m.–4 p.m. PST

Our Kids


September 2015

This is our 6 year old daughter, Julie. After suffering a lack of oxygen at birth, Julie began having seizures and spent her first 9 weeks in the hospital. During this time, she was also diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Cortical Visual Impairment, and Reflux. At 15 months old, she developed Hydrocephalus and had a shunt... Read more


August 2012

This is Anisa, who is a beautiful and active 17 month old. Anisa was born with a very rare condition with a very big name – “septoptic dysplasia”. Her family had no warning that she would be born with special needs, and found themselves frustrated as doctor after doctor told them they did not know... Read more


May 2016

One year ago, 4-month-old Thea was admitted to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital under very scary circumstances… Previously a healthy infant, Thea was now experiencing fever activity and disinterest in feeding – a red flag for any parent. The onset of seizure activity and a diagnosis of septic shock led to a 6-day stay in the... Read more

Upcoming Events

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James B. Garland Charity Golf Tournament @ Allenmore Golf Club
Jul 28 @ 9:00 am
James B. Garland Charity Golf Tournament @ Allenmore Golf Club | Tacoma | Washington | United States




Registration forms are available here

Come to the 10th ANNUAL JAMES B. GARLAND CHARITY GOLF TOURNAMENT supporting the Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children on July 28th, 2018 at the Tacoma Elks Allenmore Golf Club in Tacoma, Washington.

Come to the tournament prepared to play and have FUN doing it!  Can you make a long drive?  How close can you drive to the pin? And how about a HOLE-IN-ONE!!!  Those are all great BUT, how much FUN can you have doing it!?

Forks Lodge is challenging you on this one.  Our team and groupies had such a good time last year we are ready to do it again.  We didn’t win the tournament, but we didn’t care! We had a good team name, awesome shirts and we had tons of FUN!!!  We were there for “Our Kids” and the Therapy Program.

This is a call to ALL Golfers, both good and not so good.  Come out and join us!

Can you come up with an interesting team name?  Do you have Fantastic shirts and groupies?  How awesome is your team chant or cheer?  We challenge you to help make this event even more FUN this year.  You will likely see old friends, hopefully make a few new ones and BEST of all, you are supporting the Therapy Program!

So bragging can continue throughout the year, there will be a revolving “FUN” trophy presented to the team that appears to be having the most FUN!!!  Rest assured, we WILL be watching you!!!


The Forks Elk Lodge # 2524

See you at the Tournament!!!!