Elks for Children’s Hospital: History


The Birthday Utopian Crippled Kiddies Service (BUCKS) was founded in 1924 by the Washington State Elks Association and incorporated in July of 1925. Monies raised through this program were donated to Seattle Children’s Hospital Foundation of Seattle or other hospitals for the medical care and treatment of children

As the children’s hospital looked for a new home in 1928 from its original “Fresh Air House” on Queen Anne, the WA State Elks Association offered to help. In 1929 the Elks, along with other community organizations, helped finance a new property: “The Children’s Convalescent Home – Presented by the WA State Elks Association.”

This building was a major project of the WSEA, and because of its geographical location, its needs and problems were under constant supervision and was a special project of Ballard Lodge #827. Even after the building was completed and the little patients were in, members of the Lodge visited weekly. The children were supplied with toys, games and motion picture projector and films. The Ladies of Elks also assisted in the effort with donations of stuffed toys and phonograph records.

The children’s hospital looked for a new home in 1928 from its original “Fresh Air House”

Children’s Orthopedic Hospital moved into a new building in Laurelhurst in 1953, where they remain today. On February 23, 1987, Children’s Orthopedic Hospital’s name was changed to Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. On October 8, 1997, it was changed to Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center.

Building Cure is the latest step in Seattle Children’s quest to revolutionize pediatric medicine and save the lives of more children. Located at Stewart Street and Terry Avenue in the heart of South Lake Union, Building Cure expands the Seattle Children’s Research Institute to more than one million square feet.

Throughout the years, in addition to our contributions to Seattle Children’s uncompensated care program, WSEA has supported other areas like:

  • Ambulatory Care
  • Child Abuse Prevention
  • Craniofacial Center
  • Greatest Needs
  • Memorial gifts
  • New Patient Care Facilities
  • Rehab Medicine
  • Research and Development
  • And many more!

The Elks still play a vital part today with the BUCKS program (since renamed to Elks for Children’s Hospital) through different types of fundraising, drawings, dinners, collecting aluminum beverage cans, and selling them for Elks for Children’s Hospital. We also participate in the Children’s Network Telethon, selling pledge cards, and assisting the Children’s Hospital Foundation whenever we can.