Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

Introducing… Sam! Sam is another amazing young person who has been receiving home-based Occupational Therapy thanks to the wonderful generosity of those supporting the Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children.

Sam is a very warm and playful high school student with a developmental disability that makes many things very challenging. He loves joking around, helping others, playing music, participating in sports and dance, going on long cycling rides, watching videos, using lawn mowers, spraying garden hoses, and dangling string.

His Elks occupational therapist has been helping him meet his and his family’s goals around: becoming more independent with self-care, more clearly understanding social expectations, expressing his feelings and needs, preparing his own food, and doing household chores. All of these goals are working towards the long term vision of Sam living as satisfying a life as possible while having as much agency as possible in determining the course that it takes. In other words, we are working towards maximizing the amount that Sam can be in charge of his own life.

Here is what Sam’s family would like you to know:

Sam, who may often seem relatively passive and non-verbal, gets excited when his Elks occupational therapist arrives for a home visit. He becomes more animated, verbal and assertive during his therapy sessions. His therapist gets him singing, playing instruments, manipulating tools and trying new things. The skills developed during these sessions transfer to other daily activities of living and the school environment. Best of all, we love hearing our son’s voice and the giggles they share during the session. Working with his Elks Therapist is Sam’s highlight of the week!