Exalted Ruler’s Letter

Dear Exalted Rulers:

You now have the 2024 Washington State Calendars. As you know this is our State Association’s major fundraiser for the year. 5m500 calendars have been ordered and will be distributed to your Lodge by the Esquire to the District Deputy who will be acting as the District Chairperson for this program. The number of calendars that your Lodge will receive to start with was based on your Lodge’s 2023 membership Annual Report. Each Lodge will be expected to sell their allocated
amount. If you sell your calendars and need more, please contact the State Secretary and he will see to it that you get more calendars. If a Lodge orders additional calendars, they need to have all money turned into the state office for the initial number of calendars issued before any additional will be issued. After November 1, 2023, any requested additional calendars will have to be sold by the requesting Lodge, rather than turned in at a later date unsold. There will be NO TRADING between Lodges unless approved by me as the State Chairman.

I urge each of you to promote the sales of these calendars. Each time your Lodge has an event, a meeting, a dinner etc., these calendars should be out and in a prominent place for sale. Also, don’t limit yourself to just selling these calendars at your Lodge, get out into the public and sell them there. This is a fund raiser event and selling them to the public is perfectly okay.

You will see no change in the calendar this year.

Ticket stubs and money should be sent into the state office on a MONTHLY basis, and all tickets, unsold calendars, money and calendar logs need to be returned to the state office by January 05, 2024. DO NOT FORGET THIS DEADLINE. We have delayed this deadline so you can sell through the Christmas Holiday. No sales after December 31, 2023. The first drawings will be held on January 12, 2024. Also remember, lost or unreturned calendars are the same as sold calendars and the Lodge will still owe the WSEA the $10.00.

We had a banner year last year in calendar sales. I know that through everyone’s effort we can do that once again this year better.

Sincerely & Fraternally,

Joe Basil

Calendar Sales Chairman