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The secret is out—Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band will be playing at the Elks National Convention in San Antonio this year to help us celebrate our 150th anniversary!

Thanks to a very generous donation from the Elks National Foundation to the Gary Sinise Foundation, the Lt. Dan Band will perform for us in July. We’re honored to support the Gary Sinise Foundation’s outstanding work in serving military families, veterans, and those in need, all of which so closely align with the Elks’ mission and values.

“Gary’s work for veterans and military families aligns so well with the mission and values of the Elks,” says Lou Sulsberger, the chairman of the ENF Board of Trustees. “We’re happy to support what he’s doing, and I can’t wait to hear the band!”

Watch the video below to learn more about the Gary Sinise Foundation.

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