Shakthi is an 11-year-old young warrior with persistent mind and a great sense of humor. Shakthi is a loving kid who loves to make people smile with his jokes. He… Read more


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Ellie Bo

Ellie is a beautiful 2-year-old girl with a spunky personality. Her determination, sense of humor, and bravery has been key to overcoming all the challenges she has had since birth…. Read more


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I would like to introduce you to Samuel. Samuel was born as a 29-week 4-day gestation preemie. He was exposed to drugs, alcohol, homelessness and failure to thrive in utero… Read more


Meet Eli!!! Eli is an amazing 6-year-old boy with a very rare genetic condition, TUBA1A – associated tubulinopathy, which causes changes to the brain. Many children with TUBA1A have developmental… Read more


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