Celeste was born March 2019, four weeks early, to a family prepared for a baby to be born with I-Cell Disorder. I-Cell is an inherited metabolic lysosomal storage disorder. It… Continue Reading Celeste


We would like you to meet Luke! Our son Luke was born with a class 4 lip and tongue tie. At 4.5 months old we had a procedure done to… Continue Reading Luke

Bridging the Gap

The Elks Therapy Program has existed since its inception to provide therapy services to children who might otherwise fall through the cracks. These might be related to insurance or transportation… Continue Reading Bridging the Gap


The Washington Elks Therapy Program, established in 1954, provides essential home-based therapy for children with developmental or physical disabilities. But what does this mean in real terms? For families like… Continue Reading Jiana


Living in rural Washington State with a child who has complex medical needs is extremely challenging. Just accessing their needed specialized healthcare services in Spokane or Seattle, sometimes located five… Continue Reading Renee


Waylan is a 3-year-old boy who has always been bright, diligent, and conscientious when learning new skills. He is extremely interested in how things work, not just that they work.… Continue Reading Waylon


Introducing… Sam! Sam is another amazing young person who has been receiving home-based Occupational Therapy thanks to the wonderful generosity of those supporting the Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children.… Continue Reading Sam


Shakthi is an 11-year-old young warrior with persistent mind and a great sense of humor. Shakthi is a loving kid who loves to make people smile with his jokes. He… Continue Reading Shakthi


Samuel is an active boy who just had his 10th birthday in December. He lives in a multigenerational home with his mom, dad and sister, as well as his grandmother,… Continue Reading Samuel

Ellie Bo

Ellie is a beautiful 2-year-old girl with a spunky personality. Her determination, sense of humor, and bravery has been key to overcoming all the challenges she has had since birth.… Continue Reading Ellie Bo


Look out world, here comes Charlie! Charlie recently had his 18th birthday and is eagerly anticipating graduation this June. He has plans to attend college in the fall and is… Continue Reading Charlie


Meet Kelly! Kelly is a 20-year-old young woman who was referred to the Elks by her case manager after her physician stated that “she is falling through the cracks of… Continue Reading Kelly


Meet the imaginative, creative Lexi! She’s a very unique 8-year-old girl with PKU. PKU is a birth defect caused by a defective gene that causes an amino acid called phenylalanine… Continue Reading Lexi